For our Pharma Client, we are looking for a 

Digital Biomarker Data analyst for sleep recordings

For our Pharma Client, we are looking for a 

Digital Biomarker Data analyst for sleep recordings

Location : Basel-Stadt
Contract type : temporary contract
Start/Ende : 04.01.2021 – 1 year
Pensum : 100%

Our Client’s Pharma Research and Early Development Informatics team is the bridge between digital technology and science. They help drive medical innovation and are integral to the realisation of truly Personalised Healthcare and the development of innovative treatments for their patients.Digital tools, such as smartphones or wearables, can now continually measure and collect vital health information – or “Digital Biomarkers”. Digital Biomarkers are changing how future medicines will be developed and could lead to more personalized use of new medications that will transform the lives of patients. Advances in wearable devices, such as phones, watches, textiles or delivery devices, which track a patient’s vital signs and monitor for symptoms, all have the potential to vastly accelerate clinical development.

Tasks & Responsibilities

• Work on large amounts of sensor data from digital devices collected remotely at the home of participants during their sleep (actigraphy, sleep mats, etc.)

• Analyze and validate respective outputs together with polysomnography results
• Develop robust algorithms of quality controls for the sleep sensor data
• Analyze outputs in the context of different neurological diseases- Drive the understanding of the data analysis results by clinical development programs through the development of compelling narratives and presentation
• Write manuscripts for peer-reviewed journal articles to establish the biological, clinical and patient relevance of data collected in novel digital biomarker approaches
• Contribute to the improvement and automation of the data processing and analysis pipeline across programs

Must Haves

• Very good university degree in engineering, computer science or neuroscience 

• 2+ year of experience with human sleep and physiological monitoring data (actigraphy, EEG, ECG, respiration) 
• Knowledge in signal processing, time series analysis, statistics 
• Knowledge of additional sensor modalities as well as experience and affinity towards electronics and hardware 

• Profound knowledge in Python, Matlab or similar software packages/languages and version control systems 

Coopers Group AG
Frau Eda Kraja
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Elisabethenstrasse 18
4051 Basel

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