Technical Program Manager

Technical Program Manager

Our projects, like our users, span the globe and require managers to keep the big picture in focus while being able to dive into the unique engineering challenges we face daily. As a Technical Program Manager, you lead complex, multi-disciplinary engineering projects using your engineering expertise. You plan requirements with internal customers and usher projects through the entire project lifecycle. This includes managing project schedules, identifying risks and clearly communicating them to project stakeholders. You’re equally at home explaining your team’s analyses and recommendations to executives as you are discussing the technical trade-offs in product development with engineers.

As a Technical Program Manager in the Security Team, you will be central to managing projects within the Security Engineering team. Working with some of the best Security Engineers in the world, you’ll have a direct positive impact on the security of our data and infrastructure. Success in this role will require sound judgment under pressure, a demonstrated technical background, meticulous attention to detail and excellent communication skills. You will coordinate between many stakeholders, set expectations for deliverables from many different teams, keep track of success of parallel efforts, identify key roadblocks, and work with the team members involved to keep things moving. You will also oversee a large security program and will be ultimately responsible for its success. Behind everything our users see online is the architecture built by the Technical Infrastructure team to keep it running. From developing and maintaining our data centers to building the next generation of our platforms, we make our product portfolio possible. We’re proud to be our engineers’ engineers and love voiding warranties by taking things apart so we can rebuild them. We’re always on call to keep our networks up and running, ensuring our users have the best and fastest experience possible.


  • Work extensively in continuing to push fundamental shifts towards more robust security models for the organization.
  • Understand the end-to-end solution and implementation path in order to execute large security projects.
  • Coordinate between different security teams, set clear expectations about responsibilities, communicate with stakeholders, and measure success.
  • Partner with cross-functional teams
  • Engineering teams in order to provide technical direction and influence technical design.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in program/project management.
  • Experience working with teams and other cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Experience in an Engineering or Technical role, delivering privacy and/or security solutions.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Post-graduate degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.
  • Security experience, particularly in system management, OS hardening, or network security concepts (e.g. segmentation, protocols used for layering security capabilities, etc).
  • Experience with Data Loss Prevention, Data Protection, Threat Modeling and/or experience with incident or emergency response.
  • Experience in leading security risk mitigation, technical risk assessment, and integration projects, building key security engineering principles into non-standard infrastructure.
  • Familiarity with cryptographic concepts, especially in applied usage.
  • Understanding of associated trends/pen testing/breach investigation experience.

If you think this could be the right role for you, please feel free to apply online or please contact Agnieszka Wojcik directly (Klicken und E-mail senden / +41 44 296 88 41).

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